is a dark, concentrated Italian coffee drink. An espresso drink consists of a little boiling water with the original ground coffee beans, served in a small cup with a plate, similar in shape to a Turkish coffee cup, but it is often thick and white in color, and can be transparent. Espresso coffee has a thicker texture that is often thicker than other coffee drinks, and it contains a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved substances and cream-induced foam as the concentration of this drink is a strong concentration in the typical cup (60 milliliters) [1] . Espresso is the staple of some other coffee drinks such as Cafe Latte, Mocha, and American coffee.

This drink contains a higher caffeine ratio than most other drinks. The usual cup of espresso is offered in a volume of 60 milliliters and contains 80-150 milliliters of caffeine and a 240 milliliter cup that contains 95-200 milliliters of caffeine, but due to the small circulating volume of the cup by which the espresso is served compared With the cups in which other coffee drinks are served, the total amount of caffeine in an espresso cup is less than the amount of caffeine in one cup of Americano or freshly brewed coffee [2] . Espresso is also served with what is called Double Espresso or Doppio Espresso, twice the amount, and it is served in a large cup for coffee drinkers. Professionals usually take it without dilution or sugar, while others give them brown sugar if they want to reduce it, as some people put on it drops of almond flavor.

There are also two forms of espresso, the strongest of which is the Ristretto espresso, in which coffee is ground finely, crushed firmly and the amount of water slightly reduced. A lighter shape is Lungo, in which the amount of water is increased slightly, and both can be served in a doubling amount, Dopio Espresso ristretto and Dopio Espresso lungo.

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