Types of nuts and their benefits

 Many people make mistakes and do not differentiate between types of fats, so they think that fats and oils are dangerous in general,  but in reality there are good fats which contain unsaturated or monounsaturated fatty acids and come at the forefront of these “nuts” foods. It contains beneficial fats that contribute to protecting the heart.  Nuts are not just pastimes for a while, nor are they delicious fillings for delicious oriental sweets.  Nuts if we eat them regularly, they become useful foods that affect the health of the body .. They also become better than medicines in treating some diseases. So we will give you the most important health benefits of some nuts:


Almond oil nourishes the different layers of the skin and smoothes dry skin. It treats many skin diseases, cracks and dry hands and feet.  It treats burns of the first degree.  Almond milk (almond powder, sugar, water) is used for chest diseases, chronic coughing and asthma.  Almond milk treats irritation of the digestive system by depositing crushed almonds over the irritated areas, and prevents contact with food and waste.  Almonds treat urinary tract diseases, as they break up gravel and sand. Fights kidney infections.  Almonds contain minerals in particular (phosphorous), and unsaturated acid oils that calm the nerves, stimulate the brain and its functions, and prevent blotting, obstruction, and stroke (hemorrhagic) diseases, and Parkinson’s tremor. It treats nerve diseases and aches.  Prevents anemia with B complex vitamins, iron and minerals. Roasted almonds and added to coffee, reducing caffeine, and can be used as a total substitute for coffee and coffee.  There is a recent study that indicates almond oil that prevents heart disease.  Almond oil, if used in place of fat, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, and has a stronger effect than olive oil.  It prevents muscle spasm and relaxation, and is used in treating the vertebrae, as almonds are used in the manufacture of some drugs used in the treatment of muscle cramping, such as lightning, and treatment of vertebral diseases.  – It is recommended to take almonds for pregnant and breastfeeding women, for athletes, as well as for neuroscientists, those with physical and mental weakness, urinary system patients, stomach and intestine, stones, tuberculosis, and convalescents, and for those with difficulty in discharge, and diabetics. Almonds are useful for strengthening the brain, spinal cord, nervous system, and sight, as insomnia is fighting, and it opens urethra.


Pistachios are composed of 7.93% water, 22.78% protein materials, 45.72% oils, 3.5% starch, 2.99 fibers.  Pistachios are rich in vitamin B. B ”, phosphorous, copper, iron and calcium salts.  Pistachios are used as food for strengthening nerves and blood, and are prescribed to those who perform mental and muscle tasks.  – Pistachios reduce the risk of heart disease and protect cells from damage and nerve tension.   


Cashew is useful in building muscle.  Helps maintain healthy gums and teeth.  Cashew works to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels as a result of containing unsaturated fatty acids.  Cashew nuts contain a high percentage of calories that help in energy production and increase the elasticity of blood vessels, bones, and joints.  Contains rich antioxidants that help protect against cancers.  Cashew nuts support the bones and muscles and strengthen them because they contain magnesium and calcium.  Helps enhance normal sleep patterns in postmenopausal women.  It contains minerals, phosphorous, and a lot of dietary fiber, and therefore they are very beneficial to the body and do not cause obesity, but it must be moderately eaten. – It works to improve the pigments of skin and hair as it contains iron.  


– Pine is used in the manufacture of ointments “to treat nervous diseases.”  Diuretic, crumbles gravel, sand.  It treats kidney disease.  – Pine treats diseases of the mucous membrane and chest, so it is expectorant expectorant and used in cases of bronchitis.  It is used in the manufacture of adhesive, from which the gum is extracted.  – It is used in making some types of gum soap and also it is used in making some types of perfumes using pine wood, it is used to remove the smell of sweat and to remove sag and relax as well as being fragrant.  Pine is used for inhalation and massage treatments.  External use in treating allergies and psoriasis. – Pine nuts are used in food where it adorns some of the main dishes in addition to its medicinal benefits. It contains unsaturated fatty acids. Pine nuts are used to stimulate blood circulation in the brain.  – It is useful in treating liver disease and diarrhea. It stimulates the liver.  – Aperitif . It eliminates weakness and looseness when taken with honey.  Lower blood sugar level.


Raisin is one of the types of nuts that strengthens the stomach, liver and spleen. It is  useful in cases of sore throat, chest, lung, kidney and bladder.  – Cook raisins with water and sweetened with sugar used to soften the cough and expel phlegm and clean the airways in case of inflammation  – Helps remove toxins from the body and resist microbes and viruses.  It treats rheumatism.  It treats liver and gallbladder diseases.  Treat high blood pressure and prevent heart disease.  Treating dry cough.  It was found that eating raisins helps reduce menstrual blood in the event of heavy blood flow.  It is considered a healthy and useful food that provides the energy necessary for the body to contain many types of nutrients.  It is recommended to give it to people suffering from fatigue and exhaustion in most cases. It also addresses the problems of indigestion and constipation Treated food for the nervous system and its disorders.  – It is necessary to add raisins to our daily food, by including it in some dishes such as: salads, some cheeses, rice, and some types of bread and sweets. We also recommend serving it to children as a small meal with some other fruits.

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