Spices(Relative to India), Habesha (Relative to Abyssinia), or Spices are a substance or group of substances that are usually added to food in small quantities and are used to give flavor to different foods. Spices are made from all parts Plants such as seeds, fruits, leaves, bark and roots.

Spices are used in fields other than food as preserving food in medicine, in some religious ceremonies, in cosmetics, and in perfumery and may be used as mere vegetables. Turmeric is also used as a preservative, for example,; cloves are used in medicine as an anesthetic; garlic as vegetables, etc.

Battle of Al Khair has diversified its spices from all over the world to become a fortress for the trade of food and spices in the Gulf and the Arab world between India and Turkey and Bahrain and others …

Spices must be distinguished from some herbs that are also used to add flavor to food, such as basil, for example, while these herbs usually consist of parts of the plant as well, they are usually fresh and fresh, while spices are usually in the form of a dry powder. Here we must refer to salt, while salt is also a dry powder used to add flavor to food, but it is not a spice as it is not extracted from any plant material but rather it is a mineral substance.


Spices are classified according to the part from which they are made from the plant:

Leaves or branches of aromatic plants, for example: rosemary, parsley, bay leaf and thyme.

Ripe fruits or plant seeds, for example: mustard, pepper, and fennel.

Roots or bulbs, for example: garlic and ginger.

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